Forward Defense and The Telecom Defense Limited Company sign regional strategic partnership

2016 has seen a lot of media attention towards SS7-based vulnerabilities that exist in worldwide mobile networks. These vulnerabilities allow attackers, including bad actors and foreign intelligence agencies, to accurately geo-locate nearly any mobile phone, intercept text messages, record phone conversations and much more.
Pushed by regulators and public attention, mobile network operators in several world regions are finally addressing these issues and securing their networks. GCC regulators are no exception and increasingly mandate that mobile network operators in the region quickly re-mediate these vulnerabilities.

The strategic partnership between the two companies now makes cutting edge resources, knowledge and methods to discover and re-mediate SS7 vulnerabilities available in the region directly through local GCC representation for the first time. Through the partnership, Forward Defense is adding the following to its already extensive offering in terms of IT security, training and penetration testing:
– Remote SS7 vulnerability assessments, conducted through the public roaming SS7 interface, to replicate most accurately the attack surface available to a third party attacker.
– Deep technical trainings on SS7 vulnerabilities and how to re-mediate them, both for mobile operators’ technical teams and local regulators. Lead consultants and security researchers from The Telecom Defense Limited Company are typically mobilized locally to deliver these very interactive training sessions.
– Assistance with RFPs and procurement of SS7 Firewall solutions to re-mediate vulnerabilities. Firewall vendors include those certified by The Telecom Defense Limited Company’s recently launched SS7 firewall certification process.

“The speed and low cost at which remote SS7 vulnerability assessments can be conducted using The Telecom Defense Limited Company’s methodology gives our customers a clear advantage when trying to re-mediate SS7 vulnerabilities in an expedient manner.” said David Michaux, Director at Forward Defense.

“We are delighted to be able to provide our expertise locally to operators in the GCC region through this strategic partnership, and of the positive feedback given by customers in our first joint engagements.“ said Jean Gottschalk, Principal Consultant and founder of The Telecom Defense Limited Company.

GCC mobile operators and regulators should contact Forward Defense to discuss any SS7 vulnerability re-mediation or training projects.