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We are based in Las Vegas, USA, but perform off-premises SS7 penetration tests and SS7 security audits worldwide thanks to our partnership with multiple mobile operators that provide us with worldwide SS7 connectivity. Trainings are usually delivered onsite.
Most SS7 penetration tests can be performed within a short time. For special on-premises projects such as traffic audits, our security consultants and SS7 experts can work onsite anywhere in the world.

We also partner with value added resellers around the world, who resell our services to operators in their local markets and provide local security consulting resources. If you are an IT security company and would like to add SS7 vulnerability detection to your portfolio of services, please reach out to us.

And of course, we love performing SS7 penetration tests on behalf of country regulators who wish to raise the issue of SS7 vulnerabilities with operators in their country.

Please fill out the form below to discuss your requirements with our multilingual team. We will contact you within 24 business hours.

Note that as a US based company, we are unable to work with clients in Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria.

The Telecom Defense Limited Company
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